Candace Owens is Brilliant in my opinion

Do you know who Candace Owens is, and what she represents in the United States of America?

Candace Owens is Brilliant

Recently, here in Minneapolis we had some violence that upset me. Candace Owens also gets her share of violence directed towards her. Candace Owens is very good at staying in a neutral space using facts. She is very smart how she replies to various narratives that are trying to skew the thinking of people.

What are your thoughts on Candace Owens?

I think the United States of America could use a change. Perhaps Andrew Yang for president, and Candace Owens for vice president. What do you think?

There is too much hatred and violence in this country that is created by people that have a need to be right. When they are dead wrong the moment they violate peoples physical space, including the sound that comes out of their mouth. If they have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

My two cents.


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