Affiliate Marketers ask where are coffee shops near me with Wi-Fi

People Making Money Online seem to do a lot of their work from local coffee shows, so the natural questions to ask is where are the coffee shops near me so I can work with other online entrepreneurs.

Since the inception of the Internet, and the ability to work online, there has been a huge surge of people working at coffee shops.

Affiliate Marketers and Coffee

Do affiliate marketers really like coffee, or is it the ability to access the Internet with free Wi-Fi? Personally, I would say it is the latter. Affiliate marketers need Internet access to do their business and promote their offerings.

Also, there is a sense of community when sitting in your local coffee shop. It’s relaxing to see other people with their laptop computers doing work. I often wonder, how many of these people are working for an hourly rate, versus the ones that are creating ongoing recurring income that scales.

Passive Income

It is my opinion, and believe that the most appealing element of affiliate marketing and working online with an Internet business, is the ability to have sales happen while you are out enjoying your lifestyle. This is different from the typical 9 to 5 jobs that many people are employed in. If you are not working, you do not get paid.

As a professional performing entertainer (Magician) I would only get paid, when I was on the stage performing. In addition, I did a lot of work doing marketing, talking on the phone, sending out postcards, going to networking events, and many other activities just to get my name out there and get bookings. Then, I only got paid when I was on the stage.

What I like about affiliate marketing, and the ability to work out of coffee shops, is that I do the work and post the content online, then the Internet does the rest of the work and propagates through the networks. People find these blog posts like you found this one, they explore the various links and banner offers, and if and when they join one of the programs like the Wealthy Affiliate network, they end up paying me a commission for doing the work like posting these articles at coffee shops.

It is very possible, that as you are reading this, I may be sleeping or out having fun, watching a movie, going to a fair, or festival or concert.

That is passive income.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me. I try to be very transparent on the Internet, and if you just Google the keyword “MagicBrad“ you will find some information about me and my various ventures online.

Let’s connect!

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Minneapolis Minnesota

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