Global Warming VS Global Economy

The world seems to be concerned more about global warming, then they are about global economy.

Specifically here in the United States of America, my concern is more on the global economy and more specifically the economy in the United States and even more so specifically my personal economy.

Call me selfish

The reason this topic came up today, is I was listening to NPR radio, and they were talking about sustainable clothing and the effects it has on global climate change. Some of their conversation was about punishing people or businesses that are not manufacturing sustainable clothing.

The entire concept of punishing people for not fulfilling a niche organizations agenda, is wrong in my opinion and it should not take place. Granted, it may be a concern. But the way to motivate and inspire people be not by punishing them. The way to motivate and inspire people be about rewarding them with incentives.

The reason much of this sustainable clothing talk is affecting global economy, is it is very limiting as far as the types of clothing that may be used. Sometimes we need to use nylon or polyester.

To make the economy good, we need to circulate the money. And as a side note, I think that Andrew Yang guy has a good idea with the Freedom Dividend.

Speaking of money!

Earlier on this blog, I made some posts about the element of Affiliate commission economy so that United States citizens can get paid from the successful activities of the capitalists and business owners.

This would be similar to the affiliate marketing model. You can learn more about what I do to earn money by blogging and promoting products and services online at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

If that is of interest to you, let’s connect. Give me a call, send me an email, message me through the Internet.

Together we accomplish more


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