How to Make Money Online from Home with Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll bet you would like to know how to make money online from home and when can you start learning?

Making money is one of those necessities in life. You have bills to pay, responsibilities that need your financial attention, and you want to have some fun. Is that right?

Making money online is very different from making money per hour. First of all, making money online can be happening 24 hours a day. Whereas, making money per hour can only happen if you are working during those hours. With an hourly job, the only way you can increase your income, is either working more hours, or getting paid more per hour. Of course, your boss would like you to work more hours, and your boss wants to pay you as little as possible.

This is what really is happening.

What is actually happening when you are working for an employer, is they are buying your knowledge and expertise at a wholesale price, and then reselling it to their customers at retail. That idea in and of itself, does not seem fair. It definitely does not seem like a wise decision for someone that wants to live a better lifestyle.

How to make money online.

There are multiple ways to make money online. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best. More on that later. One way to make money online, is to buy products at wholesale, and use the Internet to market and promote these products, and sell them at retail. The problem with buying and selling products is you need to store the product somewhere, which will be some type of warehouse, which will be an additional expense. This does not happen with affiliate marketing, because you are promoting someone else’s products or services, so that person needs to warehouse and store the products. Also, that person is the one that is responsible for packing and shipping the product.

Why affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you are the middleman between the product and the consumer. All you do is make the connection, and when the product sells, you earn a commission. You are like a matchmaker of a dating service. One of the things I like best about making money online, is the work that I do is add my own choice of time, and place. The money that is earned can happen any time during the day or night, and it does not matter where I am or what I am doing.

How to learn and get started with affiliate marketing

There are literally thousands of places to learn about affiliate marketing. However, you could waste a lot of time searching for the training. A much more time effective way is to learn from a platform that has all the training in one place. That such training place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate university has plenty of training as to how a person might get involved in affiliate marketing. Also, is a lot of methods of building websites on WordPress. There is also a place to learn about keyword selection and research. And there is also a community of other affiliate marketers, that are very willing to help.

If you would like to learn more, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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