Online Political News of Andrew Yang and the New Compensation Model

Andrew Yang, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Dollar per Hour Compensation, Affiliate Marketing.

These are all some very interesting topics that are interrelated and are affecting our global economy. The idea of being compensated by the hour is antiquated, and does not represent the actual value of the work that is being executed.

How will we be paid in the future?

In my opinion, the way that the people of the world will be compensated for work in the future, will no longer be measured by an hourly rate. Because of automation and the speed of technology, it will be virtually impossible to measure the value of an individual human being by time.

The value of an individual human being will be compensated by their contribution to society and the community.

This is becoming very evident in the world of making money online, and the affiliate marketing model. If you do not provide enough value, people will not be interested in what you are offering. They may be interested in a product or service that you are promoting, but if you do not provide them value as a human being, they will click off and go elsewhere.

This is why I do these videos.

I am attempting to build up my brand reputation, by being known, liked and trusted by you! If you find some information I am publishing that is interesting to you, and you would like to have a conversation please feel free to reach out and connect with me.

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