Where is the Super Bowl 2020 location going to be?

 What is the Super Bowl? And where will the Super Bowl 2020 location be?

The Super Bowl is an annual championship game  from football (not soccer) played between the champions of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

Recently, the Super Bowl was held in my hometown of Minneapolis Minnesota. And I do have to say, that it was not as impressive as I thought it was going to be. I quite honestly thought there was going to be a chaotic surge of people in the Twin Cities.

Rumor has it, the 2020 Super Bowl will be in Miami Florida and the 2021 Super Bowl will be in Los Angeles California.

Aside from all the Super Bowl hype, what point is it? And why do these guys make so much money?  Football fans literally pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into this game.

 In full transparency, I am not a football fan.

I am however amazed and impressed and perplexed by the frenzy of these fans, and their loyalty to the game, and their team.

As an entrepreneur and marketer I am curious to learn what it is that attracts these fans. I would love to have a following of this magnitude in my Wealthy Affiliate tribe.

What is it about football, and competition that draws these people out to some below temperatures, and move them to spend thousands of dollars on this game of activity and entertainment.

 Is it belonging to a family?

Comment below, and let me know what interests you about football and these teams and players.

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