The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend

The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend is like a recurring Affiliate Commission for the Citizens of the United States.

 I am not big in the political scene, nor am I an advocate of handouts.

However, this freedom dividend concept that Andrew Yang is proposing is a very interesting perspective indeed.  Some people believe it is a government handout and will enable deadbeat citizens to sit around and do nothing.  From another point of view, it would stimulate activity, because people would not feel so stressed about making ends meet.

One of the most interesting effect this will have on our national economy, is that it will stimulate the economy by moving currency from the capitalist businesses, moving it back into the local communities.  This distribution is equal to every United States citizen over age 18. This excludes people that are in prison, it also excludes people that are not legal citizens of the United States of America.

So far, I think this is a good idea, and will help the United States economy.  Currently, there are too many tax to Paul’s that businesses can take advantage of that does not help the national economy or the citizens of the community. These citizens are also consumers, and they are the people that are moving the national currency.

I somewhat see this monthly freedom dividend of $1000 as a affiliate commission earned by United States consumers for spending money on capitalist business products and services.

What are your thoughts?

Agree? Disagree?

Comment below please.

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