The Yang Gang — Really?

This Andrew Yang guy is making more and more sense to me, and the #YangGang is tempting.

Do you know about the Yang Gang?

The “yang gang”, is the name of the followers of Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang is running for President of the United States.

Normally, I don’t get into “politics” at all. I feel that politics, means “polarity”, and just creates discord in the far left versus the far right.

However Andrew Yang tends to stay in the middle of the aisle. He says he is not left, is not right, he is forward.

Forward thinking is refreshing

I also agree with many of his policies. His foundation policy is UBI (Universal Basic Income) that he is calling the #FreedomDividend which makes more sense, once you understand his method of distribution.

This Freedom Dividend, is not a government handout like many that oppose it would like you to think. When in fact, it is basically giving back to something that is rightfully ours. As citizens of these United States, we are rightfully owners of the economy that is happening in this country of ours. We the people.

We the people are stockholders of the economy of the United States of America.

This thousand dollars a month, freedom dividend will move money from the national capitalists back into the local communities of we the people.

Search him on YouTube

Another policy Andrew Yang has is regarding shopping malls. As you may well have seen, shopping malls are struggling with kfeeping businesses in their malls.

This is happening for multiple reasons. One of which is Amazon. However, some other reasons are the expenses involved with running a business these days. Even the marketing is a challenge getting people to go to the malls.

So Andrew Yang is looking for creative ideas for malls to generate more traffic, so the merchants can actually start generating income and prevent them from going out of business. I had an idea for malls to become “event centers”, and be a place to host community events like concerts, festivals, fundraisers, and other community activities.

Some people on the leftist side advocate raising the minimum wage. However, this only affects people with jobs. As a self-employed person raising the minimum wage does not affect me and my self-employed colleagues. Therefore, it is not fair.

Universal Basic Income, or the “freedom dividend“ as Andrew Yang calls it, will benefit every legal United States citizen that is 18 years of age and older.

People in jail or prison do not get their $1000 per month.

People that are not legally documented citizens of the United States, do not get their $1000 per month.

This $1000 per month would incentive people to go through legal processes in our country.

To summarize

The Freedom Dividend is like getting a monthly recurring affiliate commission from every business in the United States.

As you can see, I am an advocate of affiliate marketing.


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