About the Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend

The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend is misunderstood by many.

Some people, scream socialism, only because the freedom dividend is similar to the Universal Basic Income or UBI, principle that has been used in socialist countries.

The concept, is actually very simple, however there are a lot of ways of making it more complicated. One of these ways is by taxing only certain sectors of the economy. For example only the technology sector. This is a mistake in my opinion, because it is like putting all your eggs in one basket.

Diversification is Key

In my opinion, it is important to spread the tax across the entire sector of all businesses. I am talking about small self employer businesses as well as large corporate like Amazon and Uber.

However, attempting to include all businesses, may be a challenge, because there will be some people that do not understand, and would not support this new concept.

To me, the trickle up concepts just makes sense in that it is taking the national economic success from all businesses, and re-distributing the wealth of our United States economy back into local communities equally. The freedom dividend is applicable to all law biting legal United States citizens 18 years of age and older.


What is your opinion?

Comment below, and let me know your insights on this new paradigm of the United States economy.


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