About the Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend

There seems to be some controversy about the Andrew Yang freedom dividend.

I am really not sure why. However, I think that some people are getting his concept of the $1000 per month freedom dividend confused with a government handout like welfare.

It is not welfare.

The reason, I do not believe it is a welfare hand out, is because it is designed as a dividend, or a piece of the business commerce that is flowing through the United States of America. I think it would be more clearly defined as a profit sharing dividend from all the commercial business and commerce that happens in our country. After all… We the people are citizens of this country.

Must be a US citizen.

The freedom dividend is not eligible to people that have broke the law, and are in jail or prison. It is also not applicable to non-documented immigrants here in the United States. This would be $1000 incentive for people to become documented.

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