Have you seen the Elizabeth Warren Home Page yet?

The Elizabeth Warren home page targets geographic locations.

If you have been to the Elizabeth Warren homepage, you may have noticed that it is targeting your state. They are savvy marketers that built that website. It is designed so that it is speaking to the person that is logged on.

When I went to the Elizabeth Warren homepage the first thing I saw was “Will you join our fight in Minnesota?“

Personally, I don’t want to join any fight. That seems violent to me. I’m sure that’s not what she means by fighting, but it is a word that is charged with energy the of aggression.

To be fair, I need to do more research on Elizabeth Warren, but my initial thought on what I have seen is she seems angry. When I see her videos, she is screaming into the microphone a little like Hillary Clinton does.

I am not into politics.

Personally, I am not into politics, as much as I am into character. Donald Trump seems arrogant, Hillary Clinton seems angry and so does Elizabeth Warren. Bernie also seems a little angry. I so far, like the delivery by Andrew Yang.

Where do you stand?


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