Hotels near Me when Traveling across Country

Have you ever been driving cross-country and wonder where are the hotels near me so I can get some sleep?

When we lived in Asheville North Carolina for a couple years, we made frequent trips back home to Minneapolis. I say “home“ because Minneapolis is our actual home. When we would take that drive, we were always wondering where the hotels nearby were located. Because, as you may very well know, while driving cross-country when you get tired, it hits you fast.

In the earlier days, before the Internet, the way to find a hotel, was to just simply drive until you saw one. Nowadays, with the Internet, you can plan ahead, and find the hotels that are nearby, and even call them to make last-minute reservations.

Now that we have Airbnb, there are many other options for finding accommodations while traveling. So, then there are now fewer reasons to be concerned about finding hotels near me and I can rest assured I will have a place to put my head.

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