See how Make Money selling Used Cars

It’s natural to think you could make money selling used cars for a living. But there’s more.

Naturally, it makes sense to sell a high ticket item like a vehicle, and possibly high end used cars. However, to make it work, you will need to sell in volume. And to sell in volume, you are going to need a dealers license probably.

Is it legal?

From what I understand, you need to have a license to sell used cars. Sure you could make a few thousand dollars doing a few deals. But to make a living, you will need to turn a lot more sales.

Even licensed car sales people don’t make a lot of money. Dealership sales staff probably average somewhere around 10 car sales every month. So they earn maybe an average of $40,000 a year which is nice, but do you want to go through all the certification to get a license.

If you do not have a license, you are only going to be able to sell a few cars legally. So if you can only do a few cars, you would think it would make sense to do high-end exotic vehicles and classics that have significant dollar value.

If Cars are Your Passion

If cars are your passion, you may be able to make a significant salable income selling car parts and accessories. You would do this by becoming an Affiliate Marketer and promoting products for someone else.

A few of the wonderful things about affiliate marketing, is you do not need to have product. The merchant has the product, you simply promote it. You also do not need to ship the product. That is all done through the merchant. You only need to promote the products online, and be sure that each product is tagged with a tracking link from the merchant affiliate program.

Is this is Interesting to You?

If affiliate marketing is interesting to you, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership and learn about affiliate marketing. They also have a website building process for WordPress websites in the membership.

You can Learn More

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate Membership, you can click on some of the banner links on this page, or feel free to contact me and I can share with you what I know about Wealthy Affiliate.

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