Details on How to Make Money with a Kiosk in a Mall

Details on how to make money with a kiosk in the mall are many.

If you are considering making money with a kiosk in the mall, your best bet is to go during the holiday shopping season. This is when the traffic will be high, and people are there with an intention our shopping. You must keep in mind, that it is long, grueling hours. So be prepared to be stuck at a mall seven days a week.

Some people, I think that just because there is traffic, people will be drawn to your kiosk. This is far from the truth. You need to be assertive, and actually entice people to come over. Keep in mind there is a lot of activity and visual activity in a mall. Therefore, you will need to stand out above all of that confusion.

I had a kiosk for three months, and the majority of people that came to visit, we’re looking for the bathroom or the cash machine or the Apple store.

In my opinion, you could probably be better off by doing affiliate marketing. In fact, you could do affiliate marketing, and have a kiosk at the same time, and during the slow times at the kiosk you can work your affiliate marketing business.


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