Some people Make Money Selling Gold and some do not

Can you make money selling gold coins to coin collectors? Gold has always been a metal that is admired. Some marketers are interested in making money selling gold coins.

Can you make money selling gold?

Gold is a funny thing. It has a value, but that value is perceived value. Think about it. You can’t eat gold, what good is it? The idea is to buy the gold when it is below market value. You can then sell it for a small profit. It has been said, you don’t make your profit selling the gold, you actually make the profit when you are buying the goal. It doesn’t make sense, I know.

Here is how it works.

There are many dealers that buy gold, and they make their gold off buying it from public consumers. When consumers so there gold to a gold dealer it is the dealer that is likely going to sell those same precious metals to a wholesaler. These wholesalers make their money when they buy it from the dealers, and your dealer is making the money when they buy it from you. So, there are a lot of hands in the pie. So selling gold is a challenge to make any serious money.

Are you qualified?

As you might imagine, gold is regulated and looked over quite strictly. So, you may need a special selling permit and be licensed as a goal business. Creating a business around buying and selling gold could be more work than it is actually worth.

Maybe be a middleman.

If you are set on working with gold and precious metals, perhaps you could become an affiliate marketer, which is a middleman between a product and a customer.

As an example, it is possible that there are jewelry stores that are willing to pay commissions on sales. So they would have affiliate programs that provide you with affiliate links for tracking sales, and when you make a sale from your website, you get paid a percentage commission.

Build your gold business website

To become an affiliate marketer, you can learn the ins and outs, from a website called Wealthy Affiliate.

You can become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, by clicking on some links on this web page.

And by the way, if you have any questions you can feel free to contact me. I’m here to help.


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