Make Money with a Mercari shopping site

A few questions… How much does it cost to sell on Mecari? What sells best on Mercari? How do I get paid on the Mercari shopping site is it worth it to sell on Mercari?

How much?

The cost to sell is just 10% of the price listed when selling on Mercari. This cost includes the payment processing from the buyer. The earnings are equal to the price listing subtracting the fee selling and shipping. The seller fee is charged only to a seller when there is a successful sale made.

What sells?

The easy answer, is everything. You of course need to research different products to see what sells best. Clothing almost always sells.

How to get paid?

You can request a direct deposit to be paid for any amount over a select number. They will transfer the funds from your balance and add to your checking account. To start the pay out a seller will have to have a valid bank account and complete it with a name, and your checking account number and the routing number.

Is it worth it?

Mercari has a very low seller fee of most any marketplace. The low 10% and shipping options makes it very worth it to sell low priced items on Mercari. Items price below $15 are a hard sell because of shipping cost.

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