Comparing UBI and Andrew Yang with Venezuela

First off, let me say that the understanding of UBI (Universal Basic Income) is not the same for everyone.

By the way…

I’m not interested in this because of political reasons.

Each individual person has their individual understanding of what UBI actually is. Some people think that UBI is specifically related to socialism, and socialism is directly connected to the failure of Venezuela. This is narrow-minded thinking. I do not say narrow-minded, to be condescending. I am just pointing out that that chain of topics of UBI, socialism and Venezuela is a narrow line. The socialism of Venezuela, was tied to politics, oil and corruption. Therefore, the “socialism” of Venezuela cannot be fairly connected to the UBI concept.

There are so many other elements around the concept of Universal Basic Income. The keyword here is the word “universal“ and this is where we need to focus. The concept of UBI that I am referring to is “universally” applied to all businesses, small, medium and large. Also, UBI is “universally” connected to ALL legal and law-abiding United States citizens age 18 and above.

Naturally, with any system there may be some issues that need to be adjusted. For example, prisoners that broke the law, do not get the thousand dollars per month. So then, does this apply to prisoners that are in jail, on the work release program? See… There is a great area there that will need to be dealt with.

However, generally speaking, I believe the UBI concept is a good idea. Rather than government programs, that make the decisions of where the money will flow, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) will move the money from all businesses nationally, back down into our local communities with the people, where it is needed. The people from all over the United States of America will spend that money in their local communities which will eventually move back up and throughout the country.

If you are interested in discussing this topic further, please feel free to contact me. Perhaps we can get on a video and share our thoughts on the topic. Please comment below and share this video if you feel moved to do so.

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