Reset Your Amazon Associates Affiliate Account

Have you considered becoming an Amazon Affiliate to make money online?

If you have a website, then there is really no reason to use the Amazon Affiliate Store Builder because you can add your affiliate link banners to your blog copy.

Rather than do an Amazon Affiliate Program Review like most marketers are doing, Stanley and I simply discuss the easy elements of getting your Amazon Associates Affiliate Account re-instated.

Stanley is one of our participants in

To reinstate your Amazon Account all you need to do is create a new Store ID and list the websites that you will be using to promote products.

After you have reinstated your Amazon Associates Account, you will need links with your Amazon Affiliate ID for tracking purposes.

Some marketers us Amazon Affiliate Software to make things easier, however I’ve found that the more elements you add to your campaigns, the most potential there is for problems. Keep It Super Simple.

You can create multiple Amazon Affiliate Websites with a Wealthy Affiliate Membership.

The Amazon Associates Back Office Dashboard makes it easy to find an Amazon Affiliate Banner for a product. I have added one below as an example.

Here my Amazon Affiliate Banner goes direct to Amazon on the page for purchasing the Viking Football Snack Helmet. Notice the link URL contains my personal Affiliate Link, so that if/when anyone purchases from my link, then I will earn a commission.

Yep… it can happen while I’m sleeping.

That’s called Passive Income!

Football Fans love these kinds of things.

If you are interested in joining My Wealthy Affiliate Tribe then there is no better time than now. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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