How to Pay for the The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend

The immediate question is how to pay for the Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend and here in the answer.

First off… what is UBI or Universal Basic Income?

The Andrew Yang Freedom Dividend will be paid by a VAT or Value Added Tax that is just a sliver from every dollar that flows through the United States economy. In my opinion, the money should come from every Amazon sale, every Starbuck coffee sold, every automobile purchased, every oil change, every football ticket purchased and every jersey sold, every bucket of popcorn sold at a movie theater. Every dollar that is made or spent in the United States economy.

The Andrew Yang VAT might be a little different. He explains it in this VIDEO.

The Andrew Yang UBI is actually called a Freedom Dividend. It is a dividend that is paid to every United States Citizen that is age 18 and older, is legal and law abiding.

The Freedom Dividend is actually our right as “We the People” of the United States. The USA is wealthy beyond measure due to our capitalistic economy. Our country is of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Freedom Dividend is NOT a socialist concept.

Watch this video to understand it more.

I am a capitalist.

This is why I earn my money from being an Affiliate Marketer and promoting other people products. They appreciate me promoting their products and the more I sell for them, the more they make.

Similarly, me being a citizen of the United States of America, I am supporting this country by simply being a consumer. Because of “We the People” spending our incomes in our local communities, we are helping stimulate the economy of this country. I think that is very important. We should be rewarded. In fact, if this country is of and by the people, then WE OWN THIS COUNTRY and the capitalists that do business in “our” country should be happy to pay a small percentage to the people that allow them to do business here.


That is my take on the Freedom Dividend.

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