The Equipment I use for Video Marketing for MagicBradTV and MySynergyCafe

It is my firm belief, that video marketing is one of the best methods. When you use video production marketing and the right video marketing software and equipment you do not need to be concerned about video marketing SEO methods.

There are a lot of marketers, claiming to be experts in real estate video marketing and start up these bogus video marketing companies or b2b video marketing companies, claiming to be providing a real service.

i’n my opinion, they are NOT.

Often they are part of an affiliate video marketing or web video marketing SAAS (Software As A Service) and actually pushing the software to earn commissions and are not able to actually provide ROI service to their customers.

Don’t get me wrong.

I like earning affiliate commissions just like the next guy, but I don’t pretend to be an expert just to make the sale. If the product is actually a good one, it will stand on it’s own, without posing to be a Guru or Expert. (I see a lot of this with ClickFunnels or Kartra, etc etc.) Let’s face it… if you can actually generate leads that result in sales, would you not be willing to work on straight commission?


The reason for this post is to share the super easy simple equipment that I use to make my videos and do my video interviews. The equipment is nothing fancy or expensive, and it works.

DISCLAIMER: The links that are on this website are usually Affiliate Links and I will earna commission from any purchase that you make.

CAMERA (iPhone)

Some people invest in expensive and complicated cameras, when I thinkk the simple SmartPhone works wonderfully. And, we almost always have our phone with us, so we can so an “in the moment” video almost anytime.

At the time of this post (January 24, 2020) I am still using the iPhone 6.

TRIPOD (standard)

The TriPod that I use, I got from Walmart for about $30 bucks. It has telescoping legs, so it is super small (maybe 10 inches long) and fits inside my bag.

The one in the Amazon Ad here looks like a much better model, and it does look like it gets small, but not as small as my little one I got at Walmart.


I like small stuff, because I carry everything with me in one small shoulder bag. NOTE: This model is NOT the same as the one I have, but it is “small”. You need to make sure that your model of phone will fit and hold tight in whatever adapter you choose.


When I do my videos where I need some distance between me and the camera, I use an extension cord for the microphone. These days, I do use my wireless AirPods too, but in my opinion, they look kind stupid.

SPLITTER CABLE (Splits 1 into 2)

I use this “Y” SPLITTER when I am interviewing someone live. I plug it into my extension cord and then plug the microphones into that, which gives me some distance from the phone camera and allows me and my guest some room to move and get more animated, and still have the microphone clipped close to our mouth so the sound is better.


You can invest in higher quality microphones, but I have just used the common earbuds too. I don’t even put the earpiece in my ear. I just stick them in inside my shirt hanging over my shirt collar and leave the mic part hanging out.


This helps to “shed a little light on the subject” when you don’t have sufficient lighting.

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