Millionaire Exposes The Jake Paul Financial Freedom Scam

If you are like ME, then you are getting fed up with financial freedom scammers that claim to be a millionaire and teach you how to be a millionaire with courses like the jake paul financial freedom course by jake paul himself. (and some scammer partners too.)

If you are thinking i bought the jake paul course and got sucked into the jake paul program you are wrong. I am no pewdiepie punk.

Here is a VIDEO of a guy that did buy it and reviewed it for you.

If you want to learn how to invest your money it is probably NOT in a course and it is not in learning how to invest in stocks either.

A little closer might be how to invest in real estate but it is not investing for beginners or investing in your 20s because you do not learn how to inverst in your 20s or how to make money online like robinhood with the robinhood app either.

It is not the best stock trading app or increasing your credit score so you need to have your credit score explained to you and what is the best credit card to get. Probably NONE.

If you want to know how i became a millionaire you are going to be waiting a long time, because I am NOT A MILLIONAIRE.

I am, however 100% debt free.

I do have some investments in Real Estate but it is all done in REITs  (Real Estate Investment Trusts) so it is safer than most investments.

You will want to have about $200,000 invested in REITs to realize some good returns.

So then where do I get the money to invest?

I produce events and I do some Affiliate Marketing.

DISCLAIMER: The links on this page are probably Affiliate Links and I might earn a commission if you click on them and make a purchase. I learned this from being a Wealthy Affiliate Member and you can too!

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