What is Universal Basic Income?

Yang Gang is frustrated but they do not know his strategy. Andrew Yang is winning is a different way. Who is Andrew Yang and what does he stand for? Do a search on Andrew Yang YouTube and you will find info on What is Univeral Basic Income means and How to Pay for UBI and the Freedom Dividend also called the Yang Freedom Dividend if you watched the democratic debate and democratic candidates to find out the best democratic candidates AKA demdebate too.

It’s about Humanity forward and universal basic income with 1000 a month for every United States Citizen age 18 or over that is legal and law abiding.

Most democrats do not understand the difference in biden vs. bernie and are still hot on bernie2020 or biden2020 and many are negative donald trump when they found out andrew yang endorses joe biden right?

Andrew Yang is trying to save us some time.

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