This simple FACT will make every affiliate marketer rethink Marketing Training Courses

if you are a digital marketer, I’m sure you have seen other marketers promoting their courses on how to be successful with digital marketing.

They usually have a fee for these courses.

now, what I am about to say, is not to say that this training does not have any value. However, if the idea is to earn money by selling these courses, would it not make sense to help people be successful, and then charge a percentage of the sale.

if a marketing coach or trainer, can help someone earn $10,000 per month, and take a 50% commission, that would be $5000 per month.

teach 100 people to be successful enough to earn $10,000 per month, and you have an ongoing monthly recurring income that is very substantial.

WHY do these marketing gurus not do it this way?

The answer is simple!

Their training, does not work, and they would not earn any money from teaching others how to use their strategies to become successful.

How do you become successful?

Learn on your own.

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