MagicBrad offers a monthly recurring revenue formula for Minnesota Business with Events and Activities

Yes, the Synergy Collaborative offers a monthly recurring revenue formula that is integrated with a traffic source from the combined efforts of our active affiliates.

Automated recurring revenue is a beautiful thing to experience. My friend Bo Young calls them “pillow payments”, because you can earn while you sleep.

The beauty of this design, is the participants do not need to take their focus off their primary business.

In fact, the purpose of the Synergy Collaborative is for US as a collective to collaborate and promote YOUR primary business.

But because the Synergy Affiliate Program is an “option” for the members of the Synergy Collaborative, they DO need to join the program in order for it to be activated. The Synergy Affiliate Program is free to join, but it is necessary to join and get activated in order to receive commissions.

Synergy Collaborative (monthly fee)

Synergy Affiliate Program (monthly income)

Once a business owner becomes a Synergy Collaborative member and joins the Synergy Affiliate Program, they do not do anything else other than participate in sharing the posts and content they see on the Internet.

This action of sharing the content benefits all involved. It’s like the idea of a rising tide lifts all boats.

Together we accomplish more.

Joint the Synergy Collaborative and the Synergy Affiliate Program, and let’s get started.

If you have any questions, give me a call.


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