Is there Hope for Humanity or are we slaves to technology and it’s too late?

Let’s try and have a good attitude and believe that there is hope for humanity in the world is becoming a better place.

In the video below, I have a conversation with my friend Bo Young about a few of our challenges, and then we talk about a solution. Which is kindness.

There are currently three elements that we need to be concerned about as human beings in today’s global society.

1. Emotional Brainwashing

2. Governmental Error

3. God-like Technology

Our society has become slave to our emotions. We need to be better than what we think we need to be. we are always looking for more. We tend not to be satisfied with life as we see it from our lens.

Our government is trying to help, however they are not educated enough on the topic. The topic is technology, and the majority of people in the government are clueless.

Technology is growing so rapidly, that it is beyond most of our capability to understand, as well as our ability to keep up with the activity. Computers are way too fast for us.

These elements are a concern. We are very emotional, and have a need to appear better than we are. The government is supposed to be for the people, yet they are not able to help us in this situation because they do not understand it. Technology has become so complex and so fast, that there is no way that we, as humans, can possibly keep up.

Watch the video below.

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