Is there MAGIC in the Amway Center and how can we pull it out?

The Amway Center is located in downtown Orlando Florida and it is an indoor arena. This arena is the place where the Orlando Magic team plays their sporting events. Also there are the Orlando solar Bears and the Orlando predators that play in the Amway Center.

So then, what does this have to do with magic?

Well, let me get to that. The video below is of my friend Steven Hart. He is a magician.

we are talking about the things that a beginner might need to know if they are going to go professional as a performing Magician. They will need to sell tickets to the event. Maybe not literally, but their presentation will need to be attractive enough and entertaining enough and interesting enough. You can’t just rely on Ticketmaster to sell the tickets.

By the way, if you are thinking of going to the Amway Center, there are Covid rules. They also have jobs if you are thinking about working for the Amway Center.

Back to the magic!

Here is a link to my friend Steve Hart and his website for dollar store magic tricks.


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