Money Gardening in the Midwest

Initially, I was going to talk about golf. But then the topic changed to Money Gardening in the Midwest because I went to top golf with my friend Rick. (the expo guy)

In the video below, I had a conversation with my MailBoxPower, buddy Bo Young and we talked about Synergy. 1+1=11

The reason this topic changed, is because while I was golfing with Rick, my mind was not focused on business, it was focused on hitting the ball. What this does, is it allows your mind to relax, allowing other information to come from the subconscious and the superconscious.

I came up with two new ideas.



I’m not sure why, but I’m really excited about these projects.

To summarize, the Magic Dream Garden is going to be a website dedicated to gardening, and offering gardeners a multitude of products and services.

The Members Only Lounge is a website that is for members of the Synergy Collaborative and some of my VIP clients and customers and affiliates.

Just so you know, I don’t expect you or others reading this post, to understand the inner workings of these programs I build. Just like you might not understand how an airplane can fly through the air from New York to California, but you just buy a ticket and magically you fly across the country.

You can buy a ticket to one of my “synergy ventures”, and fly as far as you want to go.

Watch the video below, and see what Bo and I are discussing.

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