I’m looking for self storage prices near me affordable enough to store my classic!

I need some good self storage prices near me so I can’t afford to store some of my classic collectibles.

15 Storage Facilities

I’ve always thought self storage was a good business, because it seems to be very low maintenance, and it’s a recurring passive type Income.

When I was running my exposition management business with my friend Rick Martinek the expo guy, we were considering buying into a self storage facility.

We never did, but I did invest in real estate investment trust, (REITs) and self storage is one of those real estate properties in my portfolio.

The interesting thing about REITs, is when times are good, people have a vacation home, and when times are bad, they need a storage locker.

Since I learned about passive income, I have been infatuated with earning money, that I do not need to actively work on.

Would you like to collaborate and work on some passive income strategies?

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