If you can time it Central Time Zone (CST) is where the money is!

Timing is everything!

So, if you can time it central time zone is where the money is. It just makes sense. It’s something that is predictable.

In these days of the Internet, many things are dynamic and always changing. You cannot rely on much of anything from day to day. Google algorithms are changing, websites are updating, people are posting on social media, and the feeds keep changing.

One thing you can depend on, is time. It is a digital measurement system. The central time zone is the same for everyone along that zone from the north pole to the south pole.

Working in a specific time zone, is especially important, if you are setting appointments. We have all experienced the one hour difference between eastern time and central time. Or mountain time and central time. for some reason it gets confusing.

A confused mind does not buy.

I have always like to keep things simple. Keep It Super Simple = KISS ?

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota, which is in the central time zone. I know that if I am calling on anyone along the Mississippi river, they are going to be in the central time zone as well. Even as far as Costa Rica. Also, Eureka Springs Arkansas.

So, my suggestion is to keep most of your activity in the same time zone, and there will be less confusion.

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