Everything was better under Trump – REALLY?

Everything was better under Trump! I’ll take a mean tweet and secure borders, lowest unemployment ever, $1.70 gasoline, energy independence, no socialist Paris accord, better trade agreements with China, Canada and Mexico, tax cuts across the board, peace accords throughout the Middle East, our boot on the neck of the Iranians, killing terrorists and their sponsors, record setting stock markets, fastest development of effective COVID vaccines, lower deaths due to COVID than under Biden (even with the over counting of alleged COVID deaths in 2020), fear and respect of/for the USA by allies and enemies, peace and prosperity across the world, candor and integrity like never before because he wasn’t a swamp creature, etc. FJB. #saveamerica🇺🇸 #trump2024

SOURCE: John R JR Smith – Kohler, Wisconsin.

It doesn’t really matter to me if our president is Trump or Biden or Hillary.

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