Find Focus Groups (Online or Local) Minneapolis (Fridley)

If you are searching for an online focus group it will be easy to find one by doing a Google search. But will you find focus groups that are relevant to what you specifically want to focus on?

Finding a specific focus group on your desired topic and is located in your specific city or location is going to be even more of a challenge.

My specific interest is to increase recurring income in a passive and scalable manner.

So rather than search for a group to fit my interest, I am creating my own group(s), and you are welcome to join me.

I am keeping the group(s) to only 7 (seven) participant per group so each participant get sufficient time concentrated on their goals and objective.

Also keeping it to a maximum of seven (7) people does not take too much time from our individual schedules. We are only meeting for one hour once a week.

Here are some other peramiters.

  • Our common interest is earning recurring income.
  • Our common business model is Affiliate Marketing.
  • Our common products are subscription based software. (because of the recurring commissions)
  • Our common customer audience is Business Owners and Solopreneurs. (Because they are decision makers and do not need to jump through a lot of hoops to make decisions. Also most businesses need help marketing and these software products can help them solve these problems.

If you have an interest in joining one of my Synergy7 Focus Groups you can contact me at any time. No Fee! It’s Free!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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