70 Wealthy Affiliate FAQs by Eric Cantu

These answers to these 70 Wealthy Affiliate FAQs should help you make the right decision.



00:00 Intro

01:21 “Why should I listen to you?”

02:49 What is Wealthy Affiliate?

03:35 Is Wealthy Affiliate listed on Trust Pilot?

04:05 What is Wealthy Affiliate’s Trust Pilot score?

04:47 What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

06:09 Do you need your own products or services to use WA?

06:53 Can you sell your own products or services using WA’s training?

07:26 Is Wealthy Affiliate legit?

08:01 Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

08:21 How long has Wealthy Affiliate been in business?

08:57 How many members are in the Wealthy Affiliate community?

09:16 How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

10:32 Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

10:41 Where is Wealthy Affiliate based out of?

11:09 Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

12:40 Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

13:17 Can you use WA to grow your network marketing business?

14:25 What are the tiers of membership inside Wealthy Affiliate?

14:30 Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

15:13 How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

16:16 Can you downgrade your membership?

16:44 How does the Wealthy Affiliate free starter account work?

21:04 Are the upsells within Wealthy Affiliate?

22:19 What extra costs are there?

22:43 What is Jaaxy?

23:49 Is there training on how to use Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate?

24:47 Is there training on doing keyword research without a keyword research tool?

25:51 Do you have to promote Wealthy Affiliate once you join?

27:11 Does Wealthy Affiliate have an affiliate program?

27:38 Is Wealthy Affiliate a “Done For You” program?

29:13 Do you need experience before starting Wealthy Affiliate?

29:13 Is Wealthy Affiliate good for beginners?

30:06 Do you need a website to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate?

30:32 How hard is it to build a website?

31:13 How hard is it to build traffic for a website?

32:46 Who owns the website you build in your free starter account?

33:07 Does Wealthy Affiliate offer hosting?

33:43 How many websites can you build/host within Wealthy Affiliate?

33:55 Can you use Wealthy Affiliate for hosting ONLY?

34:33 How much do domains cost inside Wealthy Affiliate?

34:58 Do you have to host your websites at Wealthy Affiliate?

35:31 What happens to your website if you leave?

35:58 Who owns your content? You or Wealthy Affiliate?

36:16 What does Wealthy Affiliate’s training look like?

36:41 What’s the difference between Wealthy Affiliate’s two training courses?

39:56 Is Wealthy Affiliate’s training outdated?

41:20 What key points does Wealthy Affiliate NOT teach?

42:14 What are some false claims made by Wealthy Affiliate reviews?

49:23 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach social media marketing?

49:37 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach YouTube SEO?

49:51 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach landing pages?

50:23 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach email marketing?

50:36 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach local SEO?

51:42 How do Wealthy Affiliate expert classes work?

53:29 How good is Wealthy Affiliate’s support?

54:04 How quickly does Wealthy Affiliate’s support respond?

54:49 Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

54:49 Does Wealthy Affiliate make you money?

54:49 How quickly will you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

58:08 How does Wealthy Affiliate pay you?

58:44 Does Wealthy Affiliate take a percentage of your earnings?

59:12 Are there Wealthy Affiliate success stories?

1:00:20 Are there Wealthy Affiliate failures?

1:00:53 What are the top Wealthy Affiliate complaints?

1:05:15 Does Wealthy Affiliate give bad advice for choosing a niche?

1:06:19 Does Wealthy Affiliate teach to write bad reviews?

1:06:37 Why are there negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate?

1:07:45 Can Wealthy Affiliate be overwhelming?

1:08:56 How good is Wealthy Affiliate?

1:08:56 Why is Wealthy Affiliate better?

1:09:46 What red flags does Wealthy Affiliate have?

1:11:32 Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?


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