What if the David Copperfield Theater was in Minneapolis?

As many people know, and most Magicians know, the David Copperfield Theater is in Las Vegas Nevada.

But, what if the theater was in Minneapolis Minnesota?

After all, we have a lot of theaters here in The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

First off, this is a pretty silly question. Because it is not in Minneapolis Minnesota it is in Las Vegas Nevada and what difference would it make?

If the David Copperfield theater was in Minneapolis Minnesota, it would not get near as much business as it does in Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is a tourist town, and Minneapolis is not. Also, just because the David Copperfield Theater was in Minneapolis does not mean people would swarm here to see a David Copperfield production.

We do have The Magic Lounge here in Minneapolis. In fact it could be in Saint Paul, because The Magic Lounge is a traveling comedy magic theatrical production.

SEE TheMagicLounge.com

I think a lot of what makes it appealing to go see a David Copperfield show is Las Vegas and the excitement around this environment.

Therefore, although David Copperfield is an attraction, his show is not that big of an attraction where a person would go to a smaller town like Minneapolis to see him perform.

I am not stating any of this to discredit David Copperfield in anyway.

I am just expressing my opinion that it is often the perceived value of the environment and the space that creates the experience.

I have seen performers that are very talented and skilled, and if the sound and lighting and stage props and theatrical effects are not in place, the performance lax in entertainment value.

On the other hand, I have seen performers that are literally poor, and their show is entertaining because of the special effects in the environment and the sound and the lighting.

Perception is reality.

So I am going to shift your reality and your perception into this post being about making money.

David Copperfield certainly made a lot of money as a magician. I have not made near the money that David Copperfield made. However I do make money as a Magician doing marketing.

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Now, I know you did not come to this page to learn how to make money online. But everybody needs to earn a living.

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