Is Edina Realty of MN getting beat by EXP Realty?

Real estate has always been a popular industry. We all need a roof over our heads. But the business of being a real estate agent has got very competitive recently. A popular real estate business in Minneapolis where I live, is Edina Realty of MN but The Internet has popularized a company called EXP Realty.

Being totally open and transparent, I have not done a real lot of research into EXP realty, but from what I understand it is a little bit like Keller Williams in that it uses a tiered model.

I don’t think Edina Realty is going to get beat by EXP Realty anytime soon.

Since the Internet many business models have been replicated, copied, duplicated or simply stolen.

I’ve even heard that some real estate organizations are using a Multi Level Marketing model or MLM for short.

I will admit, I have attempted some MLM Companies, with no real success. Personally, I don’t think the MLM model is designed for the individual to succeed. It’s designed to retain.

The more modern middleman model is popularized by Amazon. And that is the affiliate marketing model where the individual is a middleman between the product or service and the prospective customer.

I prefer Affiliate Marketing, in fact I started my own Affiliate program called the Synergy and Affiliate program and use it to compensate the sales reps from the Minnesota Event Expo held in March here in Minneapolis.

Another marketing method I use is direct mail postcards. Are use a platform called MailBoxPower that uses the Internet and the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalize gifts.

I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the features that allow you to automate tasks.


This software platform is also used frequently by Real Estate Agents, because of the ease of use.

Below is a direct link to a detail page focus specifically for the real estate agent.

SEE MailBoxPower for RealEstate

If you have any questions about this software, feel free to contact me.


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