Make Money fly fishing Arizona streams in a very passive way!

I would like to share a way to make money fly fishing Arizona streams.

this can be done in a very passive way. I am not talking about selling products where are you need to buy them wholesale, and warehouse them in some storage space, and then pack them and ship them.

There is an easy way.

The simplest way to make money profiting from your passion, is to use an affiliate marketing model.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing, it is simply being the middleman between a product and a prospective customer.

Don’t over complicate it.

Here is the essence of what I am talking about. Create yourself a platform. Such as a website with a page of products and services related to your passion. In this case, would be flyfishing in Arizona.

Now what you need to do is search out some affiliate programs for fly fishing tackle, products and services, equipment etc.

These products could be fly tying tools, or rods and reels, fly fishing line, and even flyfishing excursions and trainers.

If these products and services have an affiliate program attached to their business, you only need to inquire about their affiliate program, and join it. Usually there is no price for becoming an affiliate. If there is a fee, ignore it and look for free options.

Once you have built your website, and have loaded it with some affiliate products, you can now start promoting your website. The way to do this is to go flyfishing, and set up a camera on a tripod, and live stream your flyfishing activity. You can talk into the camera, or you can just passively fish, and let people online watch you. It is a good idea to somehow put a sign of some sort that has your website domain printed on it.

I have reserved a domain for myself, and I am going to be using this method to build out some passive income in the flyfishing niche.


If you would like to collaborate on establishing online traffic to your website, let’s have a conversation and brainstorm some collaborative strategies.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: There are affiliate links in and around this website. If you decide to purchase through one of these affiliate links, I will earn a commission. This is how I earn online passive income. Thanks for your support.

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