The Minnesota Building Trades Credit Union use is on the rise in the Twin Cities!

WHY is the Minnesota building trades credit Union use on the rise?

In my opinion, big banks are no longer trusted by businesses or even the general public. For many (unknowledgeable) people the traditional banks seem to be the only option, but credit unions are another answer.

The Minnesota building trades credit union is possibly the answer for those that are uninformed.

There are plenty of people in the real estate industry, that do not understand online marketing and are spending a lot of time, money and energy into getting their information ranked and noticed on the Internet.

Many real estate agents are using the United States Postal Service and direct mail once again. I am offering real estate agents an opportunity to use a software called MailBoxPower to stay top of mind with their clients and customers.

I call this software my Magic Marketing Tool, because of the features to automate Campaigns which saves time on repetitive tasks.

You can’t get more information about mailbox power by clicking the link below and entering your name and email address.


For real estate agents that are interested in the software, I have put a link below where you can learn more and give it a test drive.

MailBoxPower for Real Estate Agents

I am also using this software to promote my members of the Synergy Collaborative, because the delivery rates of the United States Postal Service is much more dependable than email or social media.



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