Winning the Minnesota State Lottery will make you Happy for a little while

If you think winning the Minnesota State Lottery it’s going to make you happy, I think you have an awakening coming your way. When the money is gone, the happiness is gone.

When people have an abundance of anything, they tend to use it, consume it or spend it very rapidly.

Money is a consumable. When you spend it, it is gone. Unless you invest the money into something that is going to make more money you will spend the money and it will be gone.

Investing in a system or a machine that generates more income, is a better bet than winning the lottery. At least when you are creating your own revenue stream, you are in control.

Also, how much money do you actually need to become financially free? Do you be OK with $5000 per month or perhaps $10,000 per month?

Creating a $10,000 per month cash flow is more likely than winning the Minnesota state lottery will ever be.

I have created the Synergy Collaborative so I can help other businesses self-employed entrepreneurs earn money from the dynamic and always changing flow of the Internet.

My intention is to organize a group of collaborators, to help post, share and propagate each our collective content on the Internet raising the ranks of all participants.

I have implemented an income generating element to the Synergy Collaborative called the Synergy Affiliate Program, and it will become evident when you click the link below.


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