NFL Predictions – Will football plays be designed using AI (artificial intelligence) Technology?

Let’s face it, artificial intelligence is being used in a variety of ways to streamline, automated and accelerate processes.

Why not in sports?

Perhaps NFL predictions for which teams will win, are going to be generated using artificial intelligence. Maybe the designing of a play, will use artificial intelligence to analyze the situation is on the field in real time, and there will no longer be need for a coach to oversee the place.

We can already see that the national football league is using technology for telecasting the programs. Why would they not use technology to help the games be more competitive. All of the players could be wired up to computers to track their heart rate and temperature and oxygen intake etc. This data can be used to decide whether a specific player is going to burn out or make a mistake in real time on the field.

So then, how could an affiliate marketer capitalize on this data and information to perhaps sell more products and services and make more money?

Maybe they will also use artificial intelligence to learn about which team is going to go to the Super Bowl.

And an affiliate marketer, can get ahead of the game and start promoting products and services that are designed around the Super Bowl winning team.

It may take some fun out of the game, but it could increase our bank accounts, so we can take more time to be with friends and family, and maybe do more travel and enjoy life.

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