Why is SEO Training sometimes a Huge Mistake?

We see it online all the time with SEO Training Experts, teaching all these super complicated algorithm hacks.

Im not against SEO Training but I do think it’s a moving target that can not be learned.

Think about it. What if there are thousands of Content Creators and Publishers that have extremely valuable information that they post on their blogs, however their blogs may not be search engine optimized?

The experts tell us that we have to have a lot of words in a post, when it may be possible that a Content creator or publisher is very capable of summarizing a topic into less words. So then, there a Content never is found, because it didn’t have that massive amount of words that is sometimes required to be found online.

It does not seem fair.

I admittedly got lucky that you actually are able to find this post. However, I am now resorting more to direct mail with the United States Postal Service, and using MailBoxPower to deliver direct mail postcards to my prospective customers.


This magic marketing tool called MailBoxPower, is much more valuable than SEO in my opinion.

If what you have read here, it’s of interest, or if you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me directly from this website.




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