STEP #1: Set up Facebook Business Page

STEP #1 – Set up Facebook Business Page

In this video I interview Janet Johnson. Janet is a local Twin Cities Facebook and Instagram expert. She helps businesses understand the complexities of Facebook advertising and also operates in agency where she manages Facebook and Instagram accounts for businesses.


The Agency

If your business is not seeing the results from your social media efforts that you expect you may want to have a conversation with Janet. Most people have a difficult time keeping up with the constant changes happening in the social media world. Janet has a laser focus on Facebook, so she is on a daily pursuit of educating herself about the latest Facebook algorithms.

Her agency focuses on for key specialties in social media. Facebook and Instagram advertising, Facebook and Instagram for and partial service management, Facebook full service management, and social media strategy optimization branding.

The Courses

Janette also teaches courses to inform other people about how to use and leverage Facebook ads. If you are interested in promoting her courses and earn a commission from them, you can become an affiliate marketer for her business.

The wonderful thing about being an affiliate, is you do not need to create the course, teach the course, or fulfill any products or services. You simply promote her courses and you can earn commissions when they sell.

Become a Super Affiliate

If you have an interest in earning money by being an affiliate marketer, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate Membership, (free) and learn from other expert affiliate marketers around the world.

As always, if you would like to contact me and have a conversation about earning money online and leveraging the Internet, please connect.

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