Candace Owens is Brilliant in my opinion

Do you know who Candace Owens is, and what she represents in the United States of America?

Candace Owens is Brilliant

Recently, here in Minneapolis we had some violence that upset me. Candace Owens also gets her share of violence directed towards her. Candace Owens is very good at staying in a neutral space using facts. She is very smart how she replies to various narratives that are trying to skew the thinking of people.

What are your thoughts on Candace Owens?

I think the United States of America could use a change. Perhaps Andrew Yang for president, and Candace Owens for vice president. What do you think?

There is too much hatred and violence in this country that is created by people that have a need to be right. When they are dead wrong the moment they violate peoples physical space, including the sound that comes out of their mouth. If they have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all.

My two cents.


Global Warming VS Global Economy

The world seems to be concerned more about global warming, then they are about global economy.

Specifically here in the United States of America, my concern is more on the global economy and more specifically the economy in the United States and even more so specifically my personal economy.

Call me selfish

The reason this topic came up today, is I was listening to NPR radio, and they were talking about sustainable clothing and the effects it has on global climate change. Some of their conversation was about punishing people or businesses that are not manufacturing sustainable clothing.

The entire concept of punishing people for not fulfilling a niche organizations agenda, is wrong in my opinion and it should not take place. Granted, it may be a concern. But the way to motivate and inspire people be not by punishing them. The way to motivate and inspire people be about rewarding them with incentives.

The reason much of this sustainable clothing talk is affecting global economy, is it is very limiting as far as the types of clothing that may be used. Sometimes we need to use nylon or polyester.

To make the economy good, we need to circulate the money. And as a side note, I think that Andrew Yang guy has a good idea with the Freedom Dividend.

Speaking of money!

Earlier on this blog, I made some posts about the element of Affiliate commission economy so that United States citizens can get paid from the successful activities of the capitalists and business owners.

This would be similar to the affiliate marketing model. You can learn more about what I do to earn money by blogging and promoting products and services online at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

If that is of interest to you, let’s connect. Give me a call, send me an email, message me through the Internet.

Together we accomplish more


List of Warehouse Jobs near me for Full or Part-time Work

Do you REALLY want to work at a warehouse job?

Working in a dark dingy warehouse all day long can really tear a person out. Sometimes you might wonder if it is worth the money you are being paid.

Granted, you are getting an hourly rate and you have the flexibility to perhaps work during the day or at night. You may even get the opportunity to work weekends.

Maybe there is a better way

What if you worked your warehouse job part-time, and spent some extra time building your own passive income stream building a website about something you are passionate about.

Perhaps you have an interest in boating, fishing, skiing, exotic cars or whatever it is that you are happy about.

How to create passive income

When you build your own website, it is a property that you own your self, and you are in control. You can select a topic (niche) that is our address to yourself.

Your only job is to find things you are interested in and put them on your blog or website. Your website is then monetized with similar products, that you will get a commission from when one of those products cells from anyone that visits your website.

Your only job is to find things you are interested in and put them on your blog or website. Your website is then monetized with similar products, that you will get a commission from when one of those products sells from anyone that visits your website.

Sound interesting?

If this idea of creating passive income is the address to you, you can contact me at anytime with any questions. Or if you want you can join the three basic membership and learn on your own.

Let’s connect and collaborate!


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Neil Patel shares his hacks on getting Website Traffic

In this video, Neil Patel shares some of his strategies and hacks on getting traffic to a new website.

Having a new website, that does not get any traffic can be a depressing situation. It is a long and tedious process to get traffic to a website, unless you are using paid traffic. In this video Neal shares five different techniques for getting traffic to a new website. One of my favorites is the joint venture concept. This is where two or more people work together to create content around a common objective.

Doing paid advertising on Facebook or Google or Bing or LinkedIn is definitely a way to get traffic. However, you need to really know what you are doing to optimize this traffic into conversions.

Product alignment with Consumer.

Getting the right qualified traffic to your website is very important. If you are getting traffic to your website and they are not qualified to be buyers of your product or service, that is really a waste of time and energy.

Take some serious time to evaluate what your product or service is, and who is the ideal customer for that product. You should also capture the name and email address of each visitor to your website so that you can re-send information to them. This is because most people do not purchase on their first impression of a product. Certainly, this will happen once in a while. And it will happen with a recognized brand. This is why I advocate doing a lot of video, which increases the know, like, trust and respect factor.

If you are interested in learning how to make money online, as an affiliate marketer, please feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas. I love brainstorming and looking into ways of collaborating for mutual gain.


Minneapolis Minnesota

How to Make Money Online from Home with Wealthy Affiliate

I’ll bet you would like to know how to make money online from home and when can you start learning?

Making money is one of those necessities in life. You have bills to pay, responsibilities that need your financial attention, and you want to have some fun. Is that right?

Making money online is very different from making money per hour. First of all, making money online can be happening 24 hours a day. Whereas, making money per hour can only happen if you are working during those hours. With an hourly job, the only way you can increase your income, is either working more hours, or getting paid more per hour. Of course, your boss would like you to work more hours, and your boss wants to pay you as little as possible.

This is what really is happening.

What is actually happening when you are working for an employer, is they are buying your knowledge and expertise at a wholesale price, and then reselling it to their customers at retail. That idea in and of itself, does not seem fair. It definitely does not seem like a wise decision for someone that wants to live a better lifestyle.

How to make money online.

There are multiple ways to make money online. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best. More on that later. One way to make money online, is to buy products at wholesale, and use the Internet to market and promote these products, and sell them at retail. The problem with buying and selling products is you need to store the product somewhere, which will be some type of warehouse, which will be an additional expense. This does not happen with affiliate marketing, because you are promoting someone else’s products or services, so that person needs to warehouse and store the products. Also, that person is the one that is responsible for packing and shipping the product.

Why affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate marketer, you are the middleman between the product and the consumer. All you do is make the connection, and when the product sells, you earn a commission. You are like a matchmaker of a dating service. One of the things I like best about making money online, is the work that I do is add my own choice of time, and place. The money that is earned can happen any time during the day or night, and it does not matter where I am or what I am doing.

How to learn and get started with affiliate marketing

There are literally thousands of places to learn about affiliate marketing. However, you could waste a lot of time searching for the training. A much more time effective way is to learn from a platform that has all the training in one place. That such training place is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate university has plenty of training as to how a person might get involved in affiliate marketing. Also, is a lot of methods of building websites on WordPress. There is also a place to learn about keyword selection and research. And there is also a community of other affiliate marketers, that are very willing to help.

If you would like to learn more, or if you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

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What’s on in Minneapolis | Ask MagicBrad


It is Friday here in the Twin Cities and I’m wondering… what’s on in minneapolis that I might go to you today or tonight. Friday nights are always celebrated for some reason. Do you know what that reason is? Actually, I don’t know what the reason is and I believe it is because people have been working their butts off from Monday through Friday now they want to celebrate the upcoming weekend.

Weekday Wage Slave

Why do people work 9 to 5 jobs Monday through Friday? It is my belief, that we have been programmed to do so since grade school. People have asked what do you want to be when you grow up, and what they are actually asking is not what you want to “BE“… They are actually asking, what are you going to do for a job.

People all over the world, have been programmed to have a job. And that job is provided by an employer. Every once and a while some person with an entrepreneurial self-made spirit decides they want to be their own boss, and do their own thing.


The idea of creating your own business, and designing your own lifestyle is scary for some individuals. They think that most businesses fail (Which they do) so they choose not to start their own business.

Two Very Different Things

Running a business, and earning an income, are two very different things. What’s on in Minneapolis where I live, is really no different anywhere in the world. Running your own business can be very labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, making money can be as simple as investing in the right space to create passive income. When I say investing, I don’t necessarily mean investing money. It may be primarily investing time. Certainly, you might have to invest a little money here and there to get the tools you might need. For example, I needed a iPhone, to create this very post that you are reading now. I also needed to invest in some training, and a website. I got ongoing training, multiple websites, A personal coach, and a community all through the Wealthy Affiliate University for a little over $300 for the entire year.

Escape the 9-5 Rat Race

If you would like to explore how are you can leave your 9-to-5 job, and start earning an income for yourself, you can try the wealthy affiliate network for FREE. (I mean for your email address) LOL

Yep… You have to invest something. Your email address. LOL

If you have any questions about making money online with affiliate marketing, or what’s included in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, feel free to contact me.

Let’s connect!


Minneapolis, MN


Toyota Dealers near me are making CASH on the Side (Reporting from Bed) LOL

I was laying in bed watching YouTube videos, and then it occurred to me that Toyota dealers near me could be making some CASH on the side.

Car Sales People can earn side cash?

You might be wondering, is it ethical for a car dealer salesman to be doing a side hustle to earn extra money over and above the commissions they’re making on selling cars. well, if it is not taking away from the time they are spending in the dealership, and they are doing this side hustle work on their own time, the dealership would not have any issues. especially, if the side hustle gig was actually selling a few cars here and there at the same time.

Here is how it works!

The car dealer sales person can set up a website that they use to promote various vehicles that are available for sale. Within the website, the sales person can include various affiliate offers for car accessories and other products that are of interest to people that buy cars. Such as, steering wheel covers, add on accessories, seat covers, and the list goes on. You only need to check Amazon to see how many automotive accessories there are available for sale.

Passive income right?

Yes, this would be passive income. The work done on the website can be done on off hours whenever there is some free time. As an example, as we speak right now of the time I am doing this post, I am literally laying on my back in my bed talking this message into my iPhone. If you are to look around on this website, you will see some banners with ads about products related to affiliate marketing. These are my affiliate links and when purchases are made from the links clicked on this website I will receive a commission. This is happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is what makes it a passive income stream for me.

How to try this free!

The place I learned about this affiliate marketing concepts, and the place I build multiple websites is called the Wealthy Affiliate. You can join as a member for the free version by simply entering your email address. Just look around on this blog for the Wealthy Affiliate banner and click it.

As always, if you ever have any questions about marketing online, feel free to contact me. You can find me by simply googling the key word “MagicBrad“ and you’ll find me on multiple social media platforms.

Let’s connect!

BRAD MagicBrad GUDIM – Minneapolis Minnesota

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