Before you try selling on Amazon consider the PLETHORA of competition.

There are hundreds of thousands of people selling on amazon right now, so what makes you think you can be noticed in this ocean of Internet Marketers?

Selling on Amazon seems like a simple thing to do, however getting noticed is the challenge. There are a lot of things to learn about getting noticed on Amazon. Amazon is huge.

Have you thought, perhaps there is a less populated marketplace? And a profitable market place as well.

The tradeshow and events industry is happening in every major city. Hotels are looking to be booked and convention centers are looking to be filled. And event producers are looking for help driving traffic to their events.

I am one of them.

Hi produce the Minnesota Event Planners Expo and other business to business Events and Tradeshows.

If you have an interest in earning Commissions promoting my events and expos, we should talk. You can also check out the Synergy Collaborative and the Synergy Affiliate Program.


The Synergy Collaborative is a Membership a subscription, and I feel it Marketers can earn up to 50% recurring commission promoting these memberships.

Just so you know, I have an incentive to help you make sales. It’s my program, and I make money when you make money.

I also have another platform that I use to promote my events. This platform is called MailBoxPower, and it uses the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts. I called this my Magic Marketing Tool and love the way it works.




Would a printable wedding planning checklist be of value?

I’m not in the wedding industry, but I wonder if a printable wedding planning checklist would be a valuable thing for the people that do plan weddings or the brides themselves?

Speaking of affiliate marketing


If I recall correctly, there is a place here in Minneapolis that makes bridesmaids dresses, and they have an affiliate program that Affiliate Marketers could use to earn commissions from wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.

There are so many ways to earn extra money with Affiliate Marketing, if a person can just stay focused on one industry.

Another great tool that could be used for Event Planning and Wedding Planners, is MailBoxPower. I call this my magic marketing tool.


For those that do not know already, MailBoxPower is a Platform to send postcards, greeting cards and gifts via the United States Postal Service.

I’m looking in to Home Shows near me to do some research.

For those that don’t know, are used to produce home-improvement expos here in the Twin Cities.

Now, I just bought a house, and may be in need of some home improvements.

So now, I’m looking for home shows near me so that I can attend and take a look at some of the vendors and exhibitors.

Also, there’s always a possibility of me getting back into the Home Improvement and Design Expo business.

If I was to do that again, I have some new tricks and strategies that would make my shows very, very successful.

One of these software platforms is called MailBoxPower, and it would be perfect for Marketing these home expos.

I call this my Magic Marketing Tool because it really works like magic for mailing through the United States Postal Service.


Here is an old video from one of my Business Expos that I did at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley Minnesota.

Did you know you can sell concert tickets and make money?

YES, it is true! You can sell concert tickets and earn a commission from your sales.

There are affiliate programs from various ticket resellers, that you can join their program, and use a tracking link to promote the concert. When people buy their tickets through your link, you will earn a commission.

The challenge with making money online, is matching the product or service with the buying customer.

If you know how to find concert goers, and you can target them with these Affiliate links to purchase concert tickets, you can make a serious livable income.

One of the platforms are used to promote my affiliate links, is called MailBoxPower. I use this often, and I call it my Magic Marketing Tool .


As always, if you have questions you can feel free to contact me to brainstorm or answer any questions you may have.

You can make money online home bound in Minneapolis and Beyond

Hello there! You made it here now let’s learn how to make money online home bound. Super! You don’t need to leave your house, if you don’t want to.

As long as you have an Internet connection and a smart phone, you can start earning money online today from the comfort of your own home.

You do not need to build a fancy website, or create a complex marketing plan. All you need to do is make a connection between a prospective customer and a product of interest.

You can do this by posting on social media platforms. Or you can take it a step further and be more proactive using what I call my Magic Marketing Tool and the United States Postal Service with a program called MailBoxPower.


With MailBoxPower, not only can you use it as a MagicMarketingTool, you can also promote it as a service for other entrepreneurs and business owners to use. By the way, promoting this product gives you Recurring Commissions which I love.

FREE BONUS TIP: Don’t make this complicated. Making money online as an affiliate marketer is as simple as recommending a product or service.

Don’t get all caught up in needing to sell people into buying your product or service. All you need to do is put it out on the Internet, and let the product sell itself.

It’s all about getting eyeballs on your offers. (I’ll help you.)

Try my Magic Marketing Tool using the United States Postal Service and MailBoxPower,




A simple way to make money online now started in Minneapolis Minnesota

Would you like to learn how to make money online now from a Minneapolis magician?

Hi! My name is Brad, and I go by the name “MagicBrad” so I can be branded and recognized. (You are here, so, it’s working.)

I have been self-employed most of my life. And I’ve been online pretty much since the inception of Netscape.

The easiest way I found to make money online, is what is called “affiliate marketing”. Don’t let the name confuse you with other methods. Affiliate Marketing is simply being the middleman  between a product and a customer. Do you have a designated tracking link that you promote for each product. When a sale is made, you earn a commission.

Yes, it is that simple.

One of the platforms that I use, is the Wealthy Affiliate program. Not so much for the education, but for the simplicity of building out websites.

Another platform I use is called MailBoxPower and I not only use this as a marketer, I am also an affiliate and promote the Platform to earn monthly recurring commissions.

I call this my Magic MarketingTool, because it has very powerful features that are beneficial to a person as a marketer. CLICK

The MailBoxPower platform allows me to send direct mail postcards, greeting cards and gifts to my prospective customers and existing clients.

I have founded and built the Synergy Collaborative to help those interested in making money online a little bit easier. We collaborate with each other increasing the traffic to our office which results in more sales and efficiency.

If you have any interest in learning how to make money online, please feel free to connect. It does not need to be in any of my industries of choice. You could make money with most any passion or interest. Flyfishing, mountain biking, motorcycles, the list is endless.

Let’s connect!


How to make side income projects More Profitable and Recurring

I would like to share with you some ideas on how to make side income projects more profitable, and bring recurring income month after month.

The essence of what I am talking about, is subscription-based products and services.

Selling a product or service online, is not easy. The reason, in my opinion, is the Internet is very saturated, and people online are very distracted. Therefore it is difficult to get your product in front of these people long enough for them to make an educated decision.

Now, when you do make a sale, you want it to either have a large profit margin, or a recurring ongoing income stream.

One of the products I promote is called MailBoxPower, and I call it my Magic Marketing Tool and use it for sending postcards, greeting cards and gift of appreciation.

The advantage with using the United States Postal Service to deliver physical items to your customers and prospects, is the longevity of the existence of this physical item.

Some of the features I really like with this platform, is it has a database inside, where you can purchase leads. They can be selected by geographic and demographic classifications.

Also the ability to automate the process so you are not constantly needing to be active working. You can set it and forget it and let it work passively.

There is also a print merge feature, so you can personalize these items to each individual. This means even if you are sending out 100 items, each individual item is graphically personalized to the specific individual.

For these reasons, I call this my Magic Marketing Tool and use it often.

My friend Bo Young and I talk about it in this video. Bo is also a member of the Synergy Collaborative by the way.