There is FREE Affiliate Marketing Training all over the internet.

There is free affiliate marketing training on the Internet all over the place. You will find training courses on YouTube and there are “gurus” selling their courses all over the place.

Gurus are 99% B.S.

You really do not need any training or courses to be an affiliate marketer in my opinion. What do you need is a passion and desire to promote a product or service that you have an interest in.

Affiliate Marketing, is not much different than recommending a good movie, or a restaurant that you like.

Affiliate Marketing is simply making a connection between a prospective customer and a product or service.

You are probably doing that already on social media. What makes it affiliate marketing, is the link that you share, is YOUR designated tracking link so that you can earn the commission. (NOTE: There are some restrictions on some social media platforms, so if you need to be cautious.)

There are other methods beyond social media for promoting products and services with your unique Affiliate link.

One method I use, is direct mail postcards mailed through the United States Postal Service with a product called MailBoxPower. I like to call this my magic marketing tool, because the platform makes it so easy to use.


One of the strategies I use on these postcards, is to print a QR code on the card. This QR code goes directly to my affiliate link so that when people scan the code, their phone directs them right to the landing page. Pretty simple.

If you are interested, I have an affiliate program that I use with the Synergy Collaborative Memberships and my local Minneapolis events.

The affiliate program is called the Synergy Affiliate Program and is available on the Synergy Collaborative landing page.


If you have any questions, just connect with me on social media, or call my mobile phone and leave a message.


BONUS! Become a MailBoxPower Affiliate by clicking this link.

NOTE: You need to have a MailBoxPower account to be an affiliate.

Here is how to make money affiliate marketing with MagicBrad

Are you ready?

Do you want to see how to make money affiliate marketing in a collaborative way?

The best way to make money as an affiliate marketer, is to find products and services that offer recurring commissions so you get paid month after month.

Think about it. That’s how your bills are showing up. Every month after every month. So then, why not have income that is recurring every month.

One of the platforms that I promote is called MailBoxPower and I called this my Magic Marketing Tool, because I also use it to promote my other businesses.


MailBoxPower is a software that I use to promote my events, as well as members of the Synergy Collaborative and I also promote MailBoxPower, using MailBoxPower.

If you are not yet familiar with the Synergy Collaborative, I will explain it briefly to you.

Basically, I created the Synergy Collaborative so that we can get some traction on the Internet. I believe that most of the platforms are not providing the exposure that we all desire.

Together We Accomplish More



My simple answer to the question, what is affiliate online marketing?

Sometimes when I attend Networking Events, people inevitably ask… what do you do?

I answer the question with a question, and say are you familiar with Affiliate Marketing?

They say… No, what is affiliate online marketing MagicBrad?

As usual, people over complicate things. They are not sure what marketing is, and they don’t know what an affiliate is.

Basically Affiliate Marketing is similar to being a broker, or a middleman and you earn a commission from promoting a product or service.

Simple as that.

One of the products that I promote, is also a product that I use called MailBoxPower. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool because it has many features that you do not see. Just like a magician would do an effect, that looks like something normal, there is a lot going on in the background. But the basic essence is simple.


If you do not already know, MailBoxPower  is a software platform that uses the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts.

I use this platform, to promote my clients and customers and exhibitors that are in the Minnesota Event Planners Expo. They are members of the Synergy Collaborative which provides them the service of ongoing promotion via the Internet, as well as opportunities to meet their ideal clients at live in person events.


By the way, if you have any interest in any of the things you see me doing online, please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, comments or suggestions.

Make life magical.

BannerSeason is now MailBoxPower

Yes, that is right… BannerSeason is now called MailBoxPower and the features and benefits are getting better and better.

I call it my Magic Marketing Tool because there are so many cool features for automation and personalization.

For those of you that might not be familiar with this amazing and wonderful piece of marketing software, it is used to send postcards, greeting cards and personal gift via the United States Postal Service.

You can try this software for free, but first I need your email address.


Once you go to this page, and you enter your name and email, you will get a message with access to MailBoxPower..

I would also ask, if you would consider joining the Synergy Collaborative of Internet savvy Affiliate Marketers.


Working together using digital marketing strategy and live in person events will accelerate the success rate of earning recurring ongoing monthly commissions.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

What is an Amazon FBA Seller doing to be successful?

When affiliate marketing is the trendy thing to do, what is an Amazon FBA Seller doing to make money?

They are taking advantage of the affiliate marketing model. At least, this is what I am doing.

I produce tradeshows and expos, and have always been challenged finding a commissioned sales person to sell Exhibit Space in the Expos.

It occurred to me, there are Affiliate Marketers that know how to drive traffic to an offer, and they could earn significant $100 and $150 commissions selling Exhibit Space in my Tradeshow.

This is one of the reasons I created the Synergy Affiliate Program so I could get these shows sold out.

Is savvy Affiliate The Marketers can also earn recurring commissions from selling Synergy Collaborative and Memberships.


We are also working to create other products that have high ticket commissions.

If you have some ideas or questions please feel free to contact me.


What is Affiliate Marketing and How can I Make Money doing it?

What is Affiliate Marketing and how can I make money doing it?

Affiliate Marketing is a method of Tracking Sales so that a promoter can be compensated for their activity.

In this video below I talk with my friend Nathan and his mother about the simplicity of affiliate marketing and why some people get it confused with network marketing and multi level marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Legendary Marketer educational programs, you can join the challenge by visiting this website.

There is a very affordable program to learn about the process of earning an income online. It’s only $7 bucks and you will gain a wealth of knowledge about this easy to use method of earning online.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Let’s Discuss Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?
What is an “affiliate” exactly?

An Affiliate is simply a person that is affiliated with a company product or service. And Affiliate is not a employee. They are independent of the company.

What is “marketing” exactly?

Marketing is simply the act of bringing a product or service to market. An Affiliate Marketer will promote a product or service hoping that a prospective customer will make the purchase.

Yes, it is that simple.

The difficulty for the Affiliate Marketer comes when they are working to get perfect alignment between a prospective customer and a product or service.

First, you need to get eyeballs on the offer.

Second, you need to make sure that these eyeballs belong to a person that is interested in the product or service.

Third, you need to know that this person is ready to buy, and has the funds to make the purchase.

There are a lot of distractions that are between each of these phases from when you first connect the prospect to the product, and when that prospect becomes a customer and actually makes the purchase.

The main objective of the Affiliate Marketer, is to stay top of mind with that prospective customer until they make that purchase.

Best of luck to you.

MagicBrad Minneapolis Minnesota

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