I know about some Costa Rica investment property deals and ideas.

If you have been to Costa Rica, and you are an entrepreneur, you probably we’re thinking about Costa Rica investment property and maybe doing some deals.

Real estate investing outside of the United States, can be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I have a friend here in the Twin Cities, that has been in Costa Rica for many years. Perhaps 12 or 13 years or maybe more.

If you’ve not been to Costa Rica, maybe you want to go down there and take a vacation and do one of those Costa Rica Fishing Vacation trips.

When you are ready to start planning your vacation or investment in Costa Rica, you just give me a call and we can get you hooked up with my Costa Rica connection.



Costa Rica Investment Properties with #MagicBrad

Yes! There are Costa Rica Investment Properties that you can invest in, and at a lower risk than usual.

You might ask, why is this a lower risk opportunity? The reason, is the risk factor comes into not having the experience, knowledge or savvy about the country you are investing in.

I have a friend that has 150 acres in Costa Rica and he is been down there for many many years, long enough to meet the president, and be very connected with authorities, and knowledge of regulations and how business is done in Costa Rica.

SEE: MagicBradTravel.com

SEE: MySynergyRetreats.com

If you have any interest in this project that I am developing, you can contact me and we can grab a coffee, or get on the phone, or do a zoom.

SEE ContactMagicBrad.com

Costa Rica Investment Opportunities with #MagicBrad

Have you ever considered Costa Rica Investment Opportunities but we’re hesitant because of the horror stories?

In my opinion one of the most important things about investing outside of the United States, is having a trustworthy contact in the area that you are investing in.

I have a friend that has about 150 acres in Costa Rica, and he has been there for almost 15 years. He knows the government, he knows the regulations, and he knows people.

I am working on a unique project that is a combination of real estate and event marketing.

SEE: MySynergyRetreats.com

If you have ever thought about investing in a real estate type opportunity that is tied in with Events, Weddings, teambuilding, retreats, tourism and special events, then perhaps we should have a conversation.

MEET ME AT: MySynergyCafe.com

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