REALLY? 9 steps to financial freedom? I don’t think so!

Maybe there are only THREE steps to financial freedom.

Suze Orman claims there are 9 steps to financial freedom but I think there are fewer. I believe it can be condense down to three steps.

What are these three (3) steps?


Do you realize, that you are financially free once you earn only one dollar over your monthly expenses?

Therefore, if you can establish a monthly income that is greater than your monthly outGO, you are financially free.

Let’s say for example, your monthly expenses are $5000 each month.

Let’s assume you are smart enough to promote and refer a product or service.

You can become an affiliate marketer of that product or service, essentially free.

Know if that product or service, is a recurring monthly subscription and you are earning 50% commissions on this $97 a month product, you are basically earning almost 50 bucks every month.

You would need to sell a little over 100 subscriptions, and you are now earning about $5000 a month.

You are now financially free.

I am currently promoting two (2) products. One of them is called MailBoxPower and it uses a platform to deliver Postcards, Greeting Cards and Personalized Gifts via the United States Postal Service. Business Owners use this to promote their Business. I call it my Magic Marketing Tool, because it is almost like real  magic, with the automation features.


The other product/service that I promote is my own subscription Platform called the Synergy Collaborative. The monthly subscription for this is $97 per month, and I sell it to Business Owners. And… there is a Affiliate Program that you can join for free. (Synergy Affiliate Program)


In my opinion, the reason that the Synergy Affiliate Program is so wonderful, is because I (MagicBrad) will help you promote, and help you drive traffic to your affiliate link.

The more YOU make, the more I make as well . Let’s Connect!

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