The Magic Illusions explained (in public) are the Magic Illusions ruined!

If you search online you will find magic illusions explained and it is WRONG for people to do so!

Granted, this is my opinion. However I share this opinion with other professional Magicians.

There are “tricksters” (those that expose are not actual Magicians) and they will justify the explanation of magic secrets. They will claim that it is good for magic, because it spreads the interest.

These “tricksters” are approaching this from an egocentric place. They are not considering the audience. They are not looking at how it affects the person that actually enjoys being amazed by a magic illusion.

These tricksters should be sent seize and desist orders.

Imagine if you were a child and you believed in Santa Claus, and looked forward to the magic that Santa Claus brought to you. Now imagine if your mother exposed Santa Claus. What if she told you that Santa Claus was actually your father dressed up in a costume.

Christmas would lose all of the magic that was there. This is not fair to the person that enjoys believing in an illusion.

Without a secret there is no magic.

The people that expose the magic to the public are killing the magic. They have no respect for the art. However, forgive them for they know not what they do. They are ignorant, and are doing this for a ego boost, so they can feel like they are superior and knowledge.

Granted, there are “sucker effects”, where are you slightly expose and effect, and then do a one up do you have more impact for a routine. this is a different type of revelation.

Teach in private, perform in public.

If a person wants to learn magic, they can do so by purchasing a book, or even going to the library for free. But they still need to take some action. If a person wants to teach magic, they should do it in a private setting, and not in public. This includes the Internet. Teach in private.

Those that are found exposing and revealing magic secrets should be banned from all magic related venues. ie: The Magic Castle in Hollywood. They should be banned from magicians conventions, magic venues, and magic stores. Until they can learn how to appreciate and respect the art of magic, they should be given a time out.

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