Before you try selling on Amazon consider the PLETHORA of competition.

There are hundreds of thousands of people selling on amazon right now, so what makes you think you can be noticed in this ocean of Internet Marketers?

Selling on Amazon seems like a simple thing to do, however getting noticed is the challenge. There are a lot of things to learn about getting noticed on Amazon. Amazon is huge.

Have you thought, perhaps there is a less populated marketplace? And a profitable market place as well.

The tradeshow and events industry is happening in every major city. Hotels are looking to be booked and convention centers are looking to be filled. And event producers are looking for help driving traffic to their events.

I am one of them.

Hi produce the Minnesota Event Planners Expo and other business to business Events and Tradeshows.

If you have an interest in earning Commissions promoting my events and expos, we should talk. You can also check out the Synergy Collaborative and the Synergy Affiliate Program.


The Synergy Collaborative is a Membership a subscription, and I feel it Marketers can earn up to 50% recurring commission promoting these memberships.

Just so you know, I have an incentive to help you make sales. It’s my program, and I make money when you make money.

I also have another platform that I use to promote my events. This platform is called MailBoxPower, and it uses the United States Postal Service to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts. I called this my Magic Marketing Tool and love the way it works.




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