How to make side income projects More Profitable and Recurring

I would like to share with you some ideas on how to make side income projects more profitable, and bring recurring income month after month.

The essence of what I am talking about, is subscription-based products and services.

Selling a product or service online, is not easy. The reason, in my opinion, is the Internet is very saturated, and people online are very distracted. Therefore it is difficult to get your product in front of these people long enough for them to make an educated decision.

Now, when you do make a sale, you want it to either have a large profit margin, or a recurring ongoing income stream.

One of the products I promote is called MailBoxPower, and I call it my Magic Marketing Tool and use it for sending postcards, greeting cards and gift of appreciation.

The advantage with using the United States Postal Service to deliver physical items to your customers and prospects, is the longevity of the existence of this physical item.

Some of the features I really like with this platform, is it has a database inside, where you can purchase leads. They can be selected by geographic and demographic classifications.

Also the ability to automate the process so you are not constantly needing to be active working. You can set it and forget it and let it work passively.

There is also a print merge feature, so you can personalize these items to each individual. This means even if you are sending out 100 items, each individual item is graphically personalized to the specific individual.

For these reasons, I call this my Magic Marketing Tool and use it often.

My friend Bo Young and I talk about it in this video. Bo is also a member of the Synergy Collaborative by the way.

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