Kartra vs. Clickfunnels

Kartra is what I am using. I like it. There is a lot of automation and pre-programed sequences which really help to create more Time Freedom.

Kartra vs. Clickfunnels

I’ve not used ClickFunnels, so I can’t really compare, however, what I have seen with ClickFunnels is there seems to be more marketers, trying to sell ClickFunnels than there are marketers actually using Click Funnels to help clients with their business. It’s a bunch of marketers, selling marketing to other marketers to sell more marketing to more marketers. SATURATED.

I watch a YouTube video with David Cantero and it is clear that he is a Kartra Affiliate pushing the kartra trial and the kartra affiliate program out to his viewers.

Heck… why not get into affiliate marketing and learn about affiliate marketing for beginners and how to do affiliate marketing without a website and make some money. IT’S NOT EASY.

Look back and learn about the best affiliate programs 2019 and jump ahead for the best affiliate programs for beginners 2020 rich podrick and other pros for best affiliate programs rich podrick and other.

There are also places like clickbank to start clickbank affiliate marketing and of course there is clickbank for beginners to learn the details.

The Kartra Marketplace is a great place to start. CLICK HERE


How and Where to get Gigs for Musicians at Special Events and Parties @musiciansfriend

How do musicians get gigs?

I think the musicians friend is the best way to get gigs. Take advantage of your fan base. Create musicians friend coupons and see if you can implement a musicians friend promo code with the musicians friend promotional code and musician friend coupons are available at www musiciansfriend com website.

What is a musicians friend code and how can I use it?

SHOP HERE – https://www.musiciansfriend.com/

There are a lot of electronic projects for musicians that use the musicians friend coupon code and a lot of bookers have musicians wanted ads looking for local musicians or wedding musicians and want to meet local musicians so they need to know how to find local musicians for their events.

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Lessons of earning passive income with Nate Obrien

I’d be willing to bet that the majority of people on the planet are interest in earning passive income an would like to know how to create passive income and how to make money online.

Do you want to know how to make passive income and more specifically how to make passive income on the internet from home.

The 4-Hour Workweek was one of the first books I read learning how to make passive income online or make money online in general for that matter let alone make passive income via the internet.

I admit that making passive income on line is not easy.

WATCH nate obrien VIDEO

Learning to earn passive income and finding the right passive income ideas is not an easy task. There are loads of false information online of how to earn passive income online but the Nate O’brien kids seems to be authentic and knows how to make money with YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: I do not know Nate, nor do I know if he is really making money online. For all I know here is another hype dude poser. But maybe not.

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What is the BEST free SEO keyword tool on the internet?

Can you get SEO for small websites for free? The best free SEO keyword tool is from Neil Patel. He knows his stuff, and you can know his stuff too!

Most people have tiny websites and don’t get much traffic. So is there such a thing as small website seo methods. SEO expert Neil Patel can teach you the neil patel seo methods and tricks of seo for small business also known as small business seo or small seo and seo for small business with low cost seo techniques.

The DIY seo for small business days are gone. and actually were never here. There indeed are seo tools for small business and you can learn some seo basics for small business but it is time intensive doing search engine optimization and learning how to grow a website and more importantly how to grow your website for sure.


You can grow website traffic when you know how to grow website visitors you win. I want to learn how to grow my website and have studied seo services small business and multiple seo tutorial and seo tips but the algorithms keep changing.

SO THEN HOW do I get traffic to my offers?

I collaborate.

I create joint ventures.

I build synergistic relationships.


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Learn how to get traffic to your website fast in this post from MagicBrad

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