The purpose of this website is for you and I to work together to make money online and become a Wealthy Affiliates!

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Greetings and Welcome to My Wealthy Affiliate Tribe !

My name is BRAD “MagicBrad” GUDIM.

I’m happy that you’reΒ here!

I’m not selling a “coaching program” or training. I’m offering you an opportunity for you and I to collaborate together in synergy to create multiple passive, recurring and scalable income streams and accelerate our success.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Marketing and how it works, I’ll explain in simple terms.

It is simply being the middleman “affiliated” with a company and their products and services. When sales are made, you earn commissions.

I welcome you to contact me on the phone or a video call and we can get to know each other and explore ideas, goals and objectives to create wealth together.

Together We Accomplish More!
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Minneapolis, MN

Here are some software tools that I currently use, endorse and promote (as an affiliate) as well. There are more online marketing tools listed in the Directory of Tools on this website.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform provides users a single platform for hosting multiple websites, training in digital marketing and becoming a successful affiliate as well. (There is NO FEE to try this out) (Zero Risk, No Credit Card Required)

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If you have a sincere interest in earning money online with affiliate marketing, you can join my Wealthy Affiliate TEAM. No fee! It’s free!

I’m not going to sell you into a coaching program. My intention with this team is to collaborate and cooperate with each other to create mutual success.

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Mail Box Power is a software the allows the user to send postcards, greeting cards and personalized gifts, via the USPS. (United States Postal Service)

I use MailBox Power to promote my various business ventures. A piece of physical mail lasts considerably longer than a click on the internet. There’s also a feature in the platform to purchase mailing lists (individuals or businesses) by demographics, interests and geographic location. I mail a lot of postcards that have QR codes printed on them to direct the recipient directly to my offers and landing pages of my choice. There’s automation, print merge features. It’s AMAZING!

I call it my Magic Marketing Tool.

For Real Estate Agents

For Birthday Celebrations




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