Mark Newsome AKA “Mr Marketing” shares a Marketing Strategy for Retailers

Retailers are suffering and spending too much money on advertising that does not work. Radio, TV, Newspaper, Magazine are all pretty much a random roll of the dice.

“Mr Marketing” MARK NEWSOME of You Can Market Online Now

Mark has a very unique approach to marketing, in that he knows how to motivate and inspire people (employees) to take action and grow a network of motivated and incentivized influencers.

His masterful approach LINKS a variety of merchants together in a strategic way so as not to diffuse the flow of commerce. In fact, the flow is accelerated like a flywheel and builds upon each player and participant that is activly in the plan.

WHO is this strategy for???
Ideally, Marketing Managers (owners) of retail appliance stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, salons, valet services etc.


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How to start with Affiliate Marketing from Easy1Up to a Wealthy Affiliate


Do you know how to start with Affiliate Marketing from Easy1Up to become a Wealthy Affiliate?

It is EASY. (Easy1Up)

It really is… if you are willing to take actions and do something.

It is NOT “hard work”. Some gurus or coaches will insist that you WORK HARD and that is simply not true. Because, “hard” work is a relative term.

If you are enjoying yourself, it does not feel like HARD work.

In fact, it feels EASY.


To be successful as an Affiliate Marketer… Do what you enjoy. Do what you love to do. Take simple actions every day, multiple times per day.

Just be sure that you have some products and services out there online (with your Affiliate Link) so that people can find them.

THIS to me is truly “passive” income.

I do things online showing myself as a genuine, authentic human being, with integrity, honesty and good intentions, and people tend to “know like and trust” and respect me.

Not everyone. But the ones that matter most.

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Do you WONDER what is the capitalism model and is it a GOOD thing or is it BAD?


IF you ask me (and maybe you have) what is the capitalism model then I’m here to tell ya it is not good or bad, it’s just the model. Capitalism is simply taking advantage of an opportunity OR capitalizing on an opportunity.

I am currently “capitalizing” on the Easy1Up Online Education platform to learn more about online income generation and also to promote it to others that want more time freedom and the ability to earn passive income from online internet activity.

DISCLAIMER: Yep! I make money when you buy products from my affiliate links. So can you.

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This book zucked waking up facebook catastrophe will change the way you do your marketing

The BOOK zucked waking up facebook catastrophe

Zucked: Early Facebook Investor Roger McNamee on How the Company Became a Threat to Democracy shines light on some very concerning issues with Facebook.

I recently read an article about the BIG BRANDS (like CocaCola) leaving Facebook Advertising, and moving towards an Affiliate Marketing model.

(Which is good for people like ME) @MagicBrad @MagicBradMktg

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Self-employed since birth (kinda). I started as an entertainer (magician) and rapidly embraced Event Marketing and then Internet Marketing.

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