Kevin Ford Burger King Worker gets huge reward. But not from the employer.

Kevin Ford Burger King Worker gets huge rewards for his many years of service.

But is wasn’t from his employer.

His employer got him a “goodie bag” to thank him for his years of hard work.

When choosing a lifestyle career, it is important to take into consideration where your financial rewards will be coming from. Will you be in control, or will you be a wage slave and be required to work for a limited income?

Unfortunately, big business has many more important things to take into consideration than their low level employees.

For this reason, the hard-working employees can be overlooked. Certainly could have been an innocent mistake. But this hard-working gentleman really deserves more than he got from his employer.

This is another reason for self-employment. And of course affiliate marketing is an option.

The real financial reward came from the Internet. A crowd funding campaign is what brought in the financial reward that this gentleman deserved.

Lead Generation and List Building with MailBox Power

Generating leads and building your list is always a good idea if you are operating a business. One of the key factors in making money on the Internet, is building a list of prospective customers.

Is software that I call my magic marketing tool is amazing for building a list.


You can purchase a list that you will own that you can send your information to. The software of this MagicMarketingTool, will allow you to select the geographic area and the demographics of the exact prospects you would like to promote to.


In this video, I do a screen share of the software, so you can learn more specifically of what is available. This and much much more. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Also, I need to let you know that there are affiliate links on this website, and if you choose to purchase through these affiliate links, I will earn a commission. This is how I make money on the Internet. Thank you for your support.

Costa Rica Investment Opportunities with #MagicBrad

Have you ever considered Costa Rica Investment Opportunities but we’re hesitant because of the horror stories?

In my opinion one of the most important things about investing outside of the United States, is having a trustworthy contact in the area that you are investing in.

I have a friend that has about 150 acres in Costa Rica, and he has been there for almost 15 years. He knows the government, he knows the regulations, and he knows people.

I am working on a unique project that is a combination of real estate and event marketing.


If you have ever thought about investing in a real estate type opportunity that is tied in with Events, Weddings, teambuilding, retreats, tourism and special events, then perhaps we should have a conversation.


Costa Rica Investment Properties with #MagicBrad

Yes! There are Costa Rica Investment Properties that you can invest in, and at a lower risk than usual.

You might ask, why is this a lower risk opportunity? The reason, is the risk factor comes into not having the experience, knowledge or savvy about the country you are investing in.

I have a friend that has 150 acres in Costa Rica and he is been down there for many many years, long enough to meet the president, and be very connected with authorities, and knowledge of regulations and how business is done in Costa Rica.



If you have any interest in this project that I am developing, you can contact me and we can grab a coffee, or get on the phone, or do a zoom.


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